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We make it work the way you need it to. displaystandnewdesignapril29-2

You have a great idea that would radically improve the way you deliver, display, organize, protect, or market your product. You've searched for something “off the shelf” but all of the options you’ve found aren’t quite right. They are “too this” or “not enough of that.” Call PakCom. We can help. Tell us your ideas and we can manage the manufacture of your custom product. Start with a sketch on a napkin and we’ll do the heavy design, QC, prototyping, and final delivery.

It’s difficult to visualize these types of products because they did not exist until we made them. Think about wire display baskets, POS displays, EVA foam parts matched to a PMS color, plush wearable’s, plastic display stands, poly job aid displays, and traveling product display cases.

PakCom is your one stop shop for custom products. Tell us your ideas and our creative team will design and deliver the products you want!