Turn-Key Company Stores

Brand Promotions Made Easy with a Turn-Key Company Store

A Company Store provides an easy, efficient way to put your brand in the hands of the people that promote it. Digital output, hard goods, wearables—literally any product chosen by your company - can be made to order, printed on demand or managed as inventory in our warehouse. Though typically promotional in nature, more and more companies are building stores to enable easy access to training kits, tradeshow displays, business cards and employee uniforms. A Company Store can satisfy real-time demands while ensuring a consistent, cohesive presentation of your brand across platforms, places and people. Typical users of a Company Store include employees, external sales organizations, contractors, agents, distributors, value-added resellers, integrators, brand licensees and anyone else that requires access to your materials. Because all products may not be appropriate for all users, you can control access to products at every level.

OnLine Company Store Benefits

  • Customized to match your corporate colors and branding
  • Eliminate long lead times for the promotional products you need most frequently
  • Embroider-On-Demand program eliminates inventory headaches
  • Users can procure less than minimum quantities (order 1 or 10,000 – it doesn't matter!)
  • Customize products and hold them in inventory
  • Control the types of products that your employees can order
  • Control Employee Spending with set budgets and approval processes
  • Control the artwork (no creative changes by an entrepreneurial employee)
  • Run robust reporting to track usage and spending

Turn-key Company Stores by LogicalPromotions

LogicalPromotions provides online company stores that support your national and multi-national branding programs. Our core strength is procuring, fulfilling, and distributing marketing assets and collateral. We have a vast network of tried and true manufacturing partners that enable us to consistently provide quality and value with every product we deliver.

Here are a few things that make us different.

Our exclusive Embroider-On-Demand program enables us to offer a huge selection of embroidered wearables without incurring any inventory costs. Just tell us the styles, colors, and logo options and we’ll add them to your online company store. When an order is placed, we’ll take the blank item of the shelf, add your logo, and ship it out. It’s that simple.

We offer variable data Web-To-Print for your marketing collateral including business cards, brochures, posters, and trade-show graphics. We’ll set up your template that will enable your Company Store Users to add their text or photograph without changing the brand or other elements of the product.

We provide inventory and fulfillment capabilities for products that are purchased in bulk and distributed as needed. Take advantage of quantity pricing discounts and overseas production for the items you use most frequently.

We don’t require that all products in your store be procured through us. If you want to supply products for your Company Store, we can warehouse, inventory, and fulfill them as needed. So empty that supply closet by adding those products to your Company Store. You’re welcome.

Our Company Store technology among the most robust in the industry. Our “out of the box” functionality enables to configure your Company Store quickly and easily – including Auto-Profile Login (APL), coupons, gift certificates, employee spending accounts to control employee spending, purchase approval workflows, spending accounts, spending limits, budget assignments, inventory reporting, and tons more.  In addition, we are able to offer almost limitless customization on the front-end and back-end of your company store, including custom CSS, HTML and XML punch-out connections to Oracle, SAP, and Ariba.

Company Stores Designed to Meet Your Business Needs

The LogicalPromotions Company Store solutions team works with you on every phase of the planning, launch, and ongoing maintenance of your Company Store. Our process is simple and we work to make the entire experience stress-free. Our experienced Account Managers will work with you and your colleagues to understand how your Company Store will support your business. Based on your specific needs, we’ll outline the required functionality and recommend a program and products that will work seamlessly.

Contact us at 866-446-0390 to get started.

Still Not Convinced?

Launching a Company Store is a big decision. Everyone in your company will see it, use it, and judge you on the technology, usability, and product quality. It’s important that you work with an experienced company that you can trust. We get it. We want you to be comfortable with our capabilities as an eCompany Store provider and we try to be transparent with our process so there are no surprises.

Here are links to two live Company Stores that include print-on-demand, promotional products, and embroider on demand products. These links will give you Restricted Access – you’ll be able to look but not buy.  Company Store 1 and Company Store 2

For more information, visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about Company Stores and our capabilities. You can also visit our Blog to read some case studies and insights that we have learned over the years.