Custom packaging

Custom Packaging That Delivers Results

We provide custom packaging that helps companies increase revenue, reduce COGs, improve assembly efficiencies, and protect the product during transport.  We work with a wide variety of industries including medical devices, medical information, hardware, software, education, financial services, printers, and consumer products companies. Their products are distributed B2B and B2C through retail outlets.

We’ll help you design a package that performs

We help people conceptualize and design custom packaging for their products.  We look beyond the product to understand the audience, how it’s distributed, and other goals for the performance of the packaging.  This often leads to ways to reduce cost, increase response, reduce waste, shorten lead times, prevent damage during shipping and handling, or inspire a response.

Don’t be limited by manufacturing capability

We work with a wide variety of materials and manufacturing techniques so you don’t have to dodge dozens of sales people whose product selection is limited by the manufacturing capabilities of their production facility.

Our vendor base includes dozens of niche manufacturers that can handle almost every substrate and manufacturing technique.  We provide packaging using corrugated, SBS, turned edge, vinyl, polypropylene, polyethylene, styrene, vacuum formed PVC, and EVA foam.